IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp

IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp offers the opportunity to learn from industry’s market and programmatic leaders as they embark on their 2021 digital transformation. With no-nonsense explanations, unbiased views and critical thinking applications, these are must-attend courses to boost confidence, skills and professional opportunities.

IAB Europe’s Guide to Programmatic CTV

The guide provides a European-level overview of the CTV programmatic supply chain and the CTV options available to advertisers and addresses the challenges that planners currently face to make the most of the opportunities and demand in this space. It also offers some key considerations and best practices to ensure programmatic CTV is being optimised and used effectively.

Programmatic Advertising 2019

Programmatic Advertising 2019 is Scandinavia’s largest and most important conference for programmatic advertising and marketing automation. The conference is the place to be if you want to connect with the

Digital audio advertising

Medlemmer inviteres til at deltage online i IABs Economic Trends Forum d. 18 september – kl 17:00 – 18:00, der denne gang har fokus på udviklingen i digital audio annoncering.