We will return with Digital Advertising 23 next year! 
August 25th 2022 I Pressen, JP/Politiken Media Group
Digital Advertising 22 is IAB Danmark’s full day flagship conference with international speakers from IAB Europe, Microsoft, Spotify, Integral Ad Science, Bauer Media and more, giving their insights on market and technology trends.
Joined by approx. 200 participants from the Nordics and Germany, representing publishers, advertisers and adtech companies. 
The conference is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most important conferences for digital advertising and marketing automation in relation to the media industry. All sessions are in English. 


Conference program & keynotes


Conference & dinner 08:30 – 23:00

Meet our speakers!

Joanna Burton is Chief Strategy Officer for ID5, helping publishers increase programmatic revenues and improve user experience. Joanna has worked for a range of advertising companies from Microsoft and AOL to AppNexus, Draft FCB, EW Scripps, Omniture and Rubicon Project.

Ulrik Krag Morell is Vice President, Global Supply Evangelism at Xandr and has engaged in the media, internet and adtech industry throughout 20 years. The last 10 years in US Corporate businesses like Microsoft and Xandr/AT&T, helping publishers with their programmatic advertising business.

Dorthe Bjerregaard-Knudsen
COO, JP/Politiken Media Group

Opening speech

Executive vice president and COO at JP/Politikens Hus since 2014, Dorthe has in-depth knowledge of digital business development. Previous experience as eg. CEO for the media bureau OMD and Managing Director at InsightGroup as well as currently being part of the board at Publisher Platform, DAO and Saxo.

Townsend Feehan
CEO, IAB Europe

CEO of IAB Europe. Prior to joining IAB Europe, Townsend worked for Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs in Brussels and ran EU industry associations in the ICT, consumer electronics and biotechnology sectors. Townsend has an M. Phil. in European policy from the University of Edinburgh.

Daniel Knapp
Chief Economist, IAB Europe

IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark report is the definitive guide to the state of the European digital advertising market. Join IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp, to find out the formats and channels that contributed to last year’s digital advertising market value.

Daniel Knapp has previously been Executive Director at IHS Markit, overseeing their global advertising research and forecasting practice. He has advised the European Commission on the future of media and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Avery Akkineni
President, Vayner3

Building the Plane While Flying: How to Launch a Successful NFT Program

First seen as nothing more than expensive jpegs, as the technology has evolved and NFTs gain mainstream relevance, brands have begun to take advantage of new Web3 technologies to create a deeper relationship with their community. Avery will share her insights and strategies to help brands navigate this new space to create long term value while providing a glimpse of what is coming in this exciting new space.

Avery serves as the President of Vayner3 and leads the company’s mission to build long-term strategic NFT projects for the world’s leading intellectual property owners serving brands, celebrities, athletes and associations looking to incentivize and reward brand advocacy and customer loyalty. Avery previously led VaynerMedia’s expansion into APAC and was awarded SEA Independent Agency of the Year. Prior to joining Vayner, she spent six years working at Google, in both Silicon Valley and New York City.

Björn Lindholm
Managing Director, Nordics, Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Your brain on ads – the context effect

Over the last year, conversations about increased privacy regulations and cookie deprecation sparked shifts toward contextual targeting. A readily available solution, contextual targeting drives connections by placing digital ads alongside relevant content.

In this masterclass, Björn Lindholm, Managing Director Nordics at IAS, will weigh in on how context and sentiment influence consumers’ perception of brands and explore what role contextual matching play in the advertising experience… and how consumer brains respond.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) helps brands, agencies, and publishers activate and optimize campaigns. Björn Lindholm has led business development efforts for media companies in the digital advertising sector.

Damien Geradin
Geradin Partners

Founding partner of Geradin Partners and has assisted clients in many high-stake European Commission investigations, including some of the most complex abuse of dominance cases with a focus on the tech, media and telecommunications sectors. He has particular expertise in Ad Tech, online marketplaces and mobile ecosystems.

Ekkehardt Schlottbohm
RVP, Northern Europe, PubMatic

Delivering Digital Advertising’s Supply Chain of The Future

Major ad buyers are increasingly focused on having the most efficient and effective digital ad supply chain – which means access to high-quality inventory, data for targeting and decision making, transparency, minimal hops, tools to increase their ROI, and much more.

In this session, Ekkehardt Schlottbohm, RVP, Northern Europe, will talk about how buyers can build this supply chain of the future via innovation and addressable strategies, all while maximising the revenue delivered to content creators or publishers.

Karan Singh
Sr. Commercial Director, Xandr

Sustainable Tech Supply Chains & Consumer Ethics

Allan Tinkler
Privacy and Identity Lead for EMEA, Quantcast

The Cookie Crumbles

Allan Tinkler is the Head of Platform Development and Lead for Privacy and Identity for Quantcast in EMEA. In his role, Allan works with a broad spectrum of brands, publishers, and media agencies as they navigate technical and regulatory changes in the online advertising space. Allan was key to Quantcast’s participation in the development of the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework which laid the path towards the industry adapting to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and later emerging data privacy laws.

Allan will give an up-to-date analysis on the current situation of cookie deprecation. The industry is on the cusp of going through one of its biggest changes to date and forcing the industry to rethink the status quo. But, with change comes undeniable opportunity. How you currently plan, activate, and measure advertising campaigns is going to be impacted. Join this session of lighthearted reflection as we explore what cookie deprecation means for the future of advertising. Leave the session with some actionable insights on what you can be doing now to avoid a mad dash in 2023.

Matthew Rooke
Account Management Lead for UK & Nordics, Magnite

Matt has been with Magnite, previously Rubicon Project, since 2014. He initially joined the company as an Account Executive on the publisher side and has grown through the roles. In his current position of Account Management Lead, Matt defines and sets operational best practices to ensure clients across the UK and Nordics markets are achieving their highest revenue potential. In addition, as team lead, Matt is responsible for the career development and success of his team members.

In addition, Matt works across the UK and Nordic regions and has developed an appreciation for local market advertising nuances to better provide a consultative approach for his clients and partners. Matt also shows an aptitude for public speaking, running partner educational sessions and presenting at various regional Nordic summits.

Kelly Davidson
Director, Global Partnerships, Microsoft

Kelly Davidsom is leading online Advertising Partnerships and Strategy at Microsoft and has been working for Microsoft for almost a decade. He is a technical business leader in digital advertising and an expert at the product & tech sales and operations sides. For his keynote, Kelly Davidson will be sharing his thoughts on commercial fueling and perspectives on the future of the open internet.

Breakout sessions:
Audio waves

Tobias Nielsen
Director of Premium Project, Bauer Media Group

Follow the money – and the listeners – in Scandinavia

How is the economy and the advertising models for the Scandinavian audio market and what opportunities do the largest players see? While the vast majority of listening (and revenue) is still on traditional flow radio, listening by app and web, on-demand listening as podcast is growing, and starting to have a significant size.
In this session you will get an insight into the considerations, experiences and business models in the audio market as it looks from the top management of one of Northern Europe’s largest audio companies, Bauer Media. Learn how and hear about programmatic sale of audio and how Bauer Media have launched new digital initiatives including a subscription platform where listeners can listen to their favorite radio station without ads.

Christian Evendorff
Managing Director DK, Matterkind

Gabriel Aksan
Director of Sales Nordics, Spotify

Spotify has long established itself as the leading platform for music in the Nordic countries. In recent years, Spotify has also a growing business in podcasts. For now, the primary business model is built on attracting new subscribers and directly through ad sales. But the podcast market is still young and new business models are in vast development.

Meet Gabriel Aksan, who leads the Spotify Nordic sales team and manages all commercial efforts. During his keynote, you will learn everything you need to know about monetizing podcasts, from baked-in ads to adtech technologies and podcast trends the coming years.

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Conference program & keynotes


Conference & Dinner 08:30 – 23:00