IAB Guide to Native Advertising

IAB Europe has released a Guide to Native Advertising to provide up-to-date information on Native Advertising formats, placements, and best practices so that buyers can ensure effective campaign delivery. The Guide also explores how Native will be key to growth in other digital channels and holds a number of case studies to show real-life examples of Native in action

Upcomming CTV events from IAB

Brands and their agencies are continuously looking to better understand the newly emerging digital TV landscape. Devices, such as connected TVs, have opened new streaming possibilities and, in the process, changed the way advertisers need to approach their TV strategies. Here is your chance to learn more…

IAB Europe’s Annual Programmatic Report

Research reveals that despite the pandemic, programmatic investments have remained stable in Europe, with programmatic video being a key driver for growth. 80% of buy and sell-side stakeholders predict an increase in programmatic investment revenues over the next 12 months.

Content Taxonomy 3.0

IAB Tech Lab Releases Content Taxonomy 3.0 to Enable Contextual Targeting for CTV & Expands News Categories

IAB Europe’s Guide to Contextual Advertising

The guide offers a definitive round-up of what contextual advertising is, and the opportunities it provides in Europe, particularly in a post-third party cookie world. It also offers key considerations and best practices. In doing so, it ensures that buyers of media have the necessary tools and knowledge to implement effective contextual advertising campaigns.