Tidsplan for opdatering til TCF 2.0

Gennem første halvår af 2020 vil markedet gradvist skifte til TCF 2.0. Udgivere skal forvente, at CMP’er vil opdatere i perioden april til juni.


March 31: TCF v2.0 beta production support. All vendors signed up to TCF v2.0. Code completed for full feature support, deployed in a limited capacity in production environments to monitor and test and fix issues. Objective to meet success criteria for general availability readiness

April 30: Full TCF v2.0 support. All vendors expected to support TCF v2.0 with minimal bugs.

March 31 – June 29: Transition period during which CMPs will fully deploy to the publisher environment

June 30: GVL & CMP list TCF v1.1 no longer supported