TCF 2.2 Has Launched. Information for Your Market

TCF v2.2 main policy amendments


  1. Removal of the legitimate interest legal basis for advertising & content personalisation: within the scope of the TCF, Vendors will only be able to select consent as an acceptable legal basis for purposes 3, 4, 5 and 6 at registration level;
  2. Improvements to the information provided to end-users: the purposes and features’ names and descriptions have changed. The legal text has been removed and replaced by user-friendly descriptions – supplemented by examples of real-use cases (illustrations);
  3. Standardisation of additional information about Vendors: Vendors will be required to provide additional information about their data processing operations – so that this information can in turn be disclosed to end-users;
    • Categories of data collected
    • Retention periods on a per-purpose basis
    • Legitimate interest(s) at stake – where applicable
  4. Transparency over the number of Vendors: CMPs will be required to disclose the total number of Vendors seeking to establish a legal basis on the first layer of their UIs;
  5. Specific requirements to facilitate users’ withdrawal of consent: Publishers and CMPs will need to ensure that users can resurface the CMP UIs and withdraw consent easily. 

Please consult the relevant sections of the updated Policies for further details and IAB Europe’s blogpost here.


TCF v2.2 Technical specifications updates


With a view to implementing these policy changes, IAB Tech Lab has updated the technical specifications for the Transparency & Consent Framework. These changes include:

  1. Deprecation of the getTCData and requirement for Vendors to use eventListeners, where applicable
  2. Updates to the GVL: the version will be incremented to 3 and the GVL will include additional data:
    • new fields for taxonomy of categories of data
    • inclusion of data retention periods per purpose
    • support for multiple languages URL declaration

Please consult the updated Technical Specifications for further details and IAB Tech Lab’s blogpost here.

The Javascript Library that supports TCF participants’ implementation is also being updated to accommodate TCF v2.2 here.