IAB Europe events

23rd June – TCF v2.0 in Practice – Webinar for Publishers

This webinar is dedicated to publishers looking to successfully switch over to TCF v2.0 in the coming months. TCF v2.0 Validated CMPs will be used as real-life examples of TCF v2.0 implementations and we will show you how to bring GDPR compliance in the digital advertising industry to the next level. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A to help answer any technical and policy questions publishers may still have about TCF v2.0. Register here

30th June – IAB Europe And Integral Ad Science Webinar: COVID-19 Impact On Consumer Sentiment And Context

Like most, the advertising industry is continuing to seek guidance on how best to navigate the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19. As part of a fact based COVID-19 content series, IAB Europe is working with members to provide industry and consumer insights to help stakeholders better understand and navigate 2020 and beyond. In this webinar, Integral Ad Science will explore the evolving advertising landscape drawing on some of their latest research. Register here

15th July – Economic Trends Forum Webinar: 2019 Digital Ad Spend Trends And 2020 Outlook

Following on from our recent Economic Trends Forum webinars which have been dedicated to providing insight into the impact COVID-19 is having on our industry and in particular digital investment, IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp, will take a look at the key digital ad trends in 2019 using data from the AdEx Benchmark Study. Daniel will also provide an update on May’s COVID-19 economic forecasts for 2020 and beyond. Following the webinar, the full AdEx Benchmark 2019 Report, the definitive guide to the state of the European digital advertising market covering 28 markets, will be available. Register here