IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp

Led by IAB Europe’s Chief Economist Daniel Knapp and IAB Europe’s Programmatic Advisor, Andrew Hayward-Wright, the IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp offers the opportunity to learn from industry’s market and programmatic leaders as they embark on their 2021 digital transformation. With no-nonsense explanations, unbiased views and critical thinking applications, these are must-attend courses to boost confidence, skills and professional opportunities. See the three remaining modules of the IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp:

Each IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp Module costs 195 EUR per person, non-refundable.

Led by IAB Europe’s Privacy Advisor Chris Hartsuiker, the IAB Europe Data Protection Bootcamp  offers trusted training to digital advertising professionals the opportunity to boost their skills in an ever changing environment with data protection at its core. Broken up into 3 stand-alone modules, participants can pick and choose which parts to enroll.

Each IAB Europe Data Protection Bootcamp Module costs 195 EUR per person, non-refundable. A package for all 3 modules is also available for 470 EUR per person.

National IAB Members can book with an additional 20% discount by using the code IABEU20 in both the Digital Bootcamp and the Data Protection Bootcamp.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me: Colombe Michaud at trainings@iabeurope.eu