Deadline for skift til TCF 2.0

OPDATERET: TCF 1.1 supporteres frem til 30 juni 2020 og ikke som tidligere annonceret kun til 31. marts.

Please find below some information relating to the timing of the cut-off for technical support for TCF v1.1. 

When TCF v2 was launched in August 2019, it was announced that technical support for TCF v1.1 would be in place until the end of Q1, 2020. This would allow vendors and CMPs adequate time to carry out the required engineering work to implement TCF v2.0 before support for v1.1 would be switched off. 

Subsequent to this timing being communicated externally, the California Consumer Privacy Act became a key priority for many CMPs and Vendors who had until 1st January 2020 to be compliant. A significant amount of resource was therefore invested by CMPs and Vendors to meet the deadline. 

In interactions with CMPs and Vendors over the past few weeks, it has become evident that many who had to switch resources to focus on getting set for CCPA, are only now being able to focus on the technical and engineering work to implement TCF v2.0.  In partnership with IAB Tech Lab, we are therefore extending the technical support for TCF v1.1.

The 31st March will still be the official “switch over” date but extended support for TCF v1.1 will now remain in place until the end of Q2, 2020 – 30th June 2020. This three-month technical support extension will ensure that no stakeholders are commercially impacted by not being able to run TCF v1.1 whilst they make the switch over to TCF v2.0. 

There is no change to the schedule of switch-over webinar workshops being held to provide support and guidance to CMPs and Vendors working on v2 implementation. For full workshop details and registration links, please visit the IAB Europe website or click HERE.