Chief Economist, IAB Europe

Daniel is the Chief Economist at IAB Europe and co-founder of vMarketeur, a deep data company for marketers. Previously he was Executive Director at IHS Markit, overseeing the company’s global advertising research and forecasting practice. Daniel has advised to the European Commission on the future of media and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Cutting through the hype - 10 forces that really shape digital advertising

Digital advertising is fuelled by a constant story of change and transformation. But was is signal, what is noise? A new breed of marketers rethinks what advertising means, the CMO needs a job description, agencies need new business models, publishers struggle to claw back market control, algorithms run rampant and the future of regulation is not just GDPR. Clarity is more important than ever. This presentation takes a view across marketers, agencies, technology and publishers to unravel the big trends and sometimes hidden interconnections shaping digital advertising in the near and mid-term future.