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Welcome by hosts
Joanna Burton, Adtech advisor
Rikard Bildsten, VP Global Supply Evangelism Team, Microsoft

Opening Speech – Where is the Future Advertising Growth Coming from?
Daniel Knapp, Cheif Economist at IAB Europe

Post3PC: What will tomorrow bring? 

Session moderated by Constantine Kamaras

Irrespective of exactly when it will take place, the deprecation of the 3PC will transform the digital ecosystem and will affect all parties in advertising value chain.  In this session we examine the changes, the challenges – and the new opportunities. 

Keynote by Google: The future of digital advertising in a privacy forward world
Scott Friesen, Head of Privacy Sandbox Partnership EMEA, Google
Google Chrome will tell you why Chrome is phasing out 3rd party cookies and how the Chrome and the Privacy Sandbox team are working with the industry to safeguard key marketing use cases as well as improve user privacy. We will share an update on the process so far and what is happening down the line.  

Navigating change: Effective Strategies for a Post-Cookie Advertising World
Andrew Furst, Chief Commercial Officer, Digiseg

Why identity is the next frontier for Connected TV advertising
Thomas Park, SVP Product Strategy, Adform
With consumers increasingly turning to streaming services for a variety of content and convenience, Connected TV (CTV) has become the fastest-growing major advertising channel. Indeed, last year CTV grew in Europe by 23.5% and specifically in Germany by almost 20%.  Despite its rapid rise, advertisers still face significant challenges on the channel that impede more confident investment. In particular, there is a lack of transparency and control when it comes to identity, which complicates accurate measurement of campaign reach, frequency, and performance. While difficult, addressing these issues is crucial for the long-term sustainability of CTV advertising and so it is essential that efforts are directed at this integration. 

In this session, we will discuss why integrating CTV with broader cross-platform advertising strategies is essential. In particular, we will outline why effective cross-device identity resolution is needed for the continued success of CTV campaigns. 

Navigating Martec’s Law: Overcoming Advertising Challenges in a Rapidly Evolving Tech Landscape
Michael Stein, Strategy Business Development, Semler Mobility and Chairman at Danish Advertisers Association

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Video is hot – Supply is not  

Session moderated by Peter Loell, Director at OMD Denmark.

Advertisers are increasingly looking toward video as the primary driver for delivering their brand messages across a fragmented media landscape.

Video is hot, but supply is not – there is a growing demand for “something new” to enter the market and streaming providers, publishers, broadcasters and platforms are all looking to fill the market gap.

In this section we will learn of their approach & discuss who will win or lose the 2025 battle of the formats.


How AI is reshaping the advertising industry


AI continues to transform advertising with advanced targeting, personalization, and automation capabilities. As the world gets even more digitized, the adoption of AI technology in advertising is only going to grow, allowing marketers to do more with less. Are you ready to grow?

AI/Copilot in Advertising 
Theo Theodorou, Managing Director, Microsoft

AI optimization and how creatives can contribute maximizing attention and effectiveness.
Ludwig Möckel, Senior Creative Strategist, Teads & Kasper Gransee Jensen, Country Manager, Teads


12.30 - 13.00 Lunch

How to stay in control in automated world 

Spotting the fakes: Strategies to detect and defeat misinformation?
Morten Sandbæk Beck
One of the most critical challenges facing advertisers today is the rampant spread of misinformation, especially as AI-powered deepfakes target a global election year, with voters in 60 countries heading to the polls. While misinformation in media is nothing new, Gen-AI and user-generated content have taken it to a whole new level, endangering brands’ ability to effectively deliver their messages on quality media. Join Integral Ad Science’s Morten Sandbaek Beck to learn how to best navigate the rise of misinformation, protect your brand, and continue to scale during these uncertain times.

Best Practices for Attention-Optimized Display Campaigns
Marcel Vass, CEO Etarget

Tackling Programmatic Buying Challenges with AI and Curated Marketplaces
Michael Charbert Managing Director, Publisher Platform 
Programmatic buying has grown into a major ecosystem, automating and making media buying more efficient. However, there are also some challenges that we need to address. What are these challenges, and how can they be addressed by curated marketplaces? Publisher Platform will also share how AI can help provide more control and relevance through semantic targeting, independently of cookies.

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The power of Retail Media – Trends, strategies and challenges 

Retail media has grown significantly in recent years and is a field that is expected to continue to grow. Navigating the evolving landscape of retail media is key, as it is an increasingly relevant player both online and in-store with the potential of capturing consumer attention and driving results. In this section industry experts will share insights about the latest trends and effective strategies for integrating retail media into the marketing plan.


Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist for IAB Europe

We keep seeing double digit growth in this market. To kick of this session Daniel Knapp will give us a short deepdive into this part of the AdEx as well as trends and findings from other sources.

Josefine Vännman, General Manager for Amazon Ads Nordics 

Retail media takes on many forms and shapes. Amazon Ads will share their views on the interaction between retail media and the traditional media.

James Allison, Director Market Development, Advertima

Colin Lewis,  Retail Media Works


ESG in Digital Advertising 

One of AI’s most immediate consequences has been moving sideways other important issues in our industry, like Sustainability – this should not happen: Sustainability remains a major imperative for the digital advertising industry and all parties have an important role to play. In this session, we take stock of the present and discuss the necessary steps to achieve our collective goal.

Marlies Mols, Head of Culture, Entertainment, Media, & Digital Northern Europe, Diageo


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